People are trying their best to win in every quest or win a tournament. But in this page, we will help you to have a strong empire to win. Because most people lose in the tournament or in a battle. And also, trolls sometimes ambush your empire, but don't worry we got you covered.


  • Build barracks such as Barracks IV or V, Stables IV, Archery IV or V.
  • If you catch the limited edition, build Crusher Orc Barracks, Guardian Swordsman Barracks, Guardian Archer Barracks or if you have enough cash, build Wyvern Rider Barracks, Punisher Knight barracks.
  • Feed dragons in Dragon Breeding Nest to have a powerful Dragon.
  • Put walls in every end of the empire. Walls like Wall V.
  • If you have enough cash, put Dark Orc Wall (If you catch the limited edition).
  • Put Towers next to the Walls.


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